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Final-Form Rulemaking Order 126-12 Philadelphia Taxicab Safety Cameras (Transmission Requirement)

Notice to All Interested Parties: Please see the attached Final-Form Rulemaking Order below issued by the Philadelphia Parking Authority at its regular meeting today, November 24, 2015 at Docket No. 126-12 concerning the removal of the taxicab safety camera image transmission requirement. This regulation was proposed by the Authority at this

RFP No. 15-23 Armored Car Services 2015

This RFP is being issued by the Parking Authority (the “Authority”). The Authority is soliciting proposals for the procurement of Armored Car Services.  Prospective Proposers will need to register by emailing Mary Wheeler, Manager of Contract Administration, at prior to downloading the attached documents in order to participate in this solicitation.  Detailed information on how to

Charging Up at the PHL Airport

Did you recently make the switch to an electric vehicle (EV)? Good news for ya: You can now charge up during your travels at our Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) parking facilities — for free! Here’s the scoop: In late 2015 we installed seven EV charging stations down at the PHL.
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Parking Fails: Volume VII

Welp, here we are in 2016 and being able to park still seems like a foreign concept for some drivers. But then again, let’s not forget that it still makes for some good comedy, especially when you consider the gems in this edition of Parking Fails.   Parking Fail #1 Not sure
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PPA Off-Street Parking Service Awards

If you’ve ever parked in one of our garages, there’s a good chance you’ve chatted with someone from our off-street parking team. A few weeks ago, our Director of Off-Street Parking Operations, Rocco Morrotto (a.k.a. Rocky), handed out service awards to our dedicated staff. If you don’t remember Rocky, he’s
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Parking Fails: Volume VI

It’s inevitable: When parking on a street or parking lot, you’re bound to come across a park job that leaves you feeling something like this. You get the jist: Until every vehicle becomes self-driving, bad park jobs will be a daily occurrence.  Luckily for us, some of the park jobs make
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Parking Fails: Volume V

From retail aisles to fast food parking lots, people are still finding interesting ways to park — and they’re not pretty. If our past versions of parking fails show us anything, it’s that despite going through driving school and getting a license, drivers still forget how to properly park. Okay, maybe
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