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PPA Off-Street Parking Service Awards

Service AwardsIf you’ve ever parked in one of our garages, there’s a good chance you’ve chatted with someone from our off-street parking team.

A few weeks ago, our Director of Off-Street Parking Operations, Rocco Morrotto (a.k.a. Rocky), handed out service awards to our dedicated staff. If you don’t remember Rocky, he’s the one that looks like Fredo Corleone in our #TBT from a few months ago.

Anyway, this year 16 awards were dished out, including one for 30 years of service (Congrats, Lisa Brown)!

Service Awards 2Along with being honored for their years of service, awardees were also treated to some munchies in the PPA Boardroom.

Following handing out the awards, Rocky (a.k.a. Fredo) mentions, “It’s great to do this sort of thing every year. My staff works hard day-in and day-out and it’s great to get together and recognize their hard work and years of dedicated service.

So without further ado, let’s start the slow-clap for:

Lisa Brown                         Deputy Manager                             30 years

Jean Schuck                       Site Coordinator                            10 years

James Moiyallah          Asst. Site Coordinator                       10 years

Willie McGeachy                     Cashier                                      10 years

Sal Lancellotti           Deputy Operations Manager                10 years

Brenda Williams     Customer Service Representative       10 years

Del Wech                          Operations Manager                        10 years

Jalanda Small           Customer Service Representative      10 years

Samia Muktar           Customer Service Representative      10 years

Ryan Cain                 Customer Service Representative        5 years

                                                                                                  Millie Sloan               Customer Service Representative        5 years

                                                                                                  Kelly Sickel                                 Secretary                                 5 years

                                                                                                  Yolanda Johnson             Asst. Site Coordinator                     5 years

                                                                                                 Olivia Hardiman-Soltis           Site Coordinator                         5 years

                                                                                                  Lonna Evans              Customer Service Representative      5 years

While you’re here, check out the other great work the PPA staff has been recognized for over the years here.