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The PPA operates over 40 convenient, safe, and inexpensive off-street parking lots throughout the city.

Through competitive pricing that supports our mission, the PPA’s parking rates are typically

lower than privately operated parking lots. 

For Towed & Impounded Vehicles please call – 215-683-9775
For Parking Facilities information please call – 215-683-9636

North Philadelphia


22nd & Turner Street Lot
2200 Turner Street
Philadelphia, PA 19121


19th & Callowhill
1900 Callowhill Street
Philadelphia, PA 19130


West Somerset Street Lot
401 W. Somerset Street
Philadelphia, PA 19133

5th & Indiana Street Lot
5th Street & Indiana Street 
Philadelphia, PA 19134

Strawberry Mansion

32nd & West Lehigh Avenue Lot
3250 W. Lehigh Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19132  

West Kensington

East Huntingdon Street Lot
301 E. Huntingdon Street
Philadelphia, PA 19125

West Poplar

6th & Marshall Street Lot
982 N. 6th Street 
Philadelphia, PA 19123


North Broad Street Lot
4850 N. Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA 19141

Fern Rock Rail Station Parking Lot
901 Nedro Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19141


Fairhill Street Lot
5541 Fairhill Street
Philadelphia, PA 19120

Northeast Philadelphia


Thompson St. & Frankford Avenue Lot
1300-04 Frankford Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19125

Port Richmond

Ruth & Clearfield Lot
1804-36 E. Clearfield Street 
Philadelphia, PA 19134


Hancock & Somerset Street Lot 
181 W. Somerset Street
Philadelphia, PA 19133


Vincent Street & Frankford Avenue Lot
7143 Frankford Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19135


Arrott & Griscom Street Lot 
4667-83 Griscom Street
Philadelphia, PA 19124

Frankford Avenue Lot
4234 Frankford Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19124
(Currently Closed)

Fox Chase

Fox Chase Rail Station Parking Lot
500 Rhawn Street
Philadelphia, PA 19111


Torresdale Rail Station Parking Lot
4900 Grant Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 191


Rising Sun Avenue Lot
6413 Rising Sun Avenue

Philadelphia, PA 19111

Northwest Philadelphia


Umbria Street Lot
4712 Umbria Street
Philadelphia, PA 19127

Manayunk Avenue Lot
4418 Manayunk Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19128

Mount Airy

Durham Street & Germantown Avenue Lot
7142 Germantown Avenue 
Philadelphia, PA 19119

Chestnut Hill

Highland Station Lot
8400 Seminole Street
Philadelphia, PA 19118


West Armat St & Germantown Avenue Lot
5526-28 Germantown Avenue 
Philadelphia, PA 19144

Greene Street Lot
5525 Greene Street
Philadelphia, PA 19144

Maplewood Mall Lot
58 W Maplewood Mall 
Philadelphia, PA 19144

Hunting Park

Germantown & Venango
3601 Germantown Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19140


South Philadelphia

Passyunk Square

South 9th Street Lot
1401-15 S. 9th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19147

12th & Passyunk Lot
1628 E. Passyunk Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19148

South 12th Street Lot
1339 S. 12th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19147

Little Saigon 

8th & Passyunk Lot
1012-26 E. Passyunk Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19147

Bella Vista

7th & Christian Street Lot
719-35 Christian Street
Philadelphia, PA 19147

South 7th Street Lot
738-48 S. 7th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19147

Point Breeze

South 28th Street Lot
1345 S. 28th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19146

Southwest Philadelphia

Elmwood Park

63rd & Woodland Avenue Lot
2132 S. 63rd Street
Philadelphia, PA 1914

Cedar Park

47th & Baltimore Avenue Lot
4716-23 Baltimore Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19143

West Philadelphia


40th & Lancaster Avenue Lot
4076 Lancaster Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19104
(Currently Closed)