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Contractor Parking Permit

A Contractor Parking Permit is only used to perform a contractor service. This program was established to enable licensed contractors to access their vehicles during the workday to retrieve materials and tools.

Contractor vehicles may park in metered and timed parking zones without limit.


Apply for a Contractor Parking Permit

Contractor Parking Application

You have an option to mail, fax or email application and documents:

Philadelphia Parking Authority
Attn: Contractor Parking Department
35 N. 8th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106

Fax: 215-683-9974 – Attention: Contractor Parking Placard | Email:

If you have any questions, or to request an application, please call 215-683-9745.


Four requirements must be met in order to obtain a Contractor Parking Permit:

  • Vehicles must bear truck/commercial license plates. (a copy of vehicle registration for EACH vehicle is necessary)
  • Vehicles cannot have three or more outstanding parking tickets.
  • The business must possess all trade, occupation and business privilege licenses as required by the City. (a copy of all licenses is necessary)
  • The business must have no unpaid taxes or fees due to the City of Philadelphia.

Contractors with three or more commercial vehicles may enroll in a monthly billing program for tickets that are ineligible for cancellation under contractor parking privileges.

For more details, contact:
The Fleet Coordinator
Philadelphia Parking Authority
P.O. Box 38562
Philadelphia, PA 19104-8562

Terms and Fees

Eligible vehicles will be issued a renewable six-month permit costing $150.00 (as established by Philadelphia City Council).

Replacement permits may be issued when a vehicle is taken out of service and replaced with a new vehicle. The replacement permit is valid for the remainder of the life of the original permit at no additional charge.

Restrictions and Exclusions

Contractor Parking Permits only entitle contractor vehicles to park in metered and timed parking zones without limit. You must obey all other posted parking regulations.