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Residential Parking Permits

Residents in eligible areas can purchase parking permits that exempt them from meter and time limit restrictions on posted blocks. These permits assist residents in finding parking spaces near their homes, enhancing the quality of life in residential areas with insufficient on-street parking – such as those that are adjacent to businesses, transit facilities, or large institutions.

Residential Parking Permit Districts & Streets

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While we aim to keep the information up to date, be aware that information is subject to change. Please be sure to reference the posted signs at your parking location.

Renew or Apply for a Residential Parking Permit Online

Online Permit Application Portal

Download Residential Parking Permit Application

Residential Parking Permit Application

Permit renewals and applications can also be obtained via mail or in person at our permit office located at 35 N 8th Street.

You may also apply for a parking permit through the mail or by visiting:

Philadelphia Parking Authority
35 North 8th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106

Permit Office Hours: 
Monday: 8:30AM – 4PM
Tuesday: 8:30AM – 4PM
Wednesday: 8:30AM – 4PM
Thursday: 8:30AM – 4PM
Friday: 8:30AM – 4PM
Saturday and Sunday: CLOSED

If you have any questions or want to request an application, please call 215-683-9730.


To be eligible for a Residential Parking Permit, your vehicle must display Pennsylvania license plates and be registered to your home address within the area’s permit parking district. You must provide PPA with proof of vehicle registration, along with proof of residency, in the form of the following.  All documents must reflect the apartment number when applicable.

  • Your driver’s license
  • Your lease, or
  • A recent utility bill in your name

The vehicle registration requirement can be waived if you drive a company car (including a leased company car), or if you are in the military service.

NOTE: Residential parking permits are now virtual. Our Parking Enforcement Officers will scan your vehicle’s license plate to confirm an active permit. 

Please call 215 683-9730 for further information on requirements.

Terms and Fees

The annual fee for a permit is per household:

1st vehicle in household – $35 annually
2nd vehicle in same household – $50 annually
3rd vehicle in same household – $75 annually
4 or more vehicles in same household – $100.00 each annually
If your permit is expired, your vehicle is subject to ticketing.

Temporary Parking Permits:

Temporary permits are available for $15 for fifteen days and $30 for thirty days, which runs consecutive. Temporary parking permits must be obtained in-person at our permit office located at 35. N 8th Street. 

Visitor Day Passes:

Visitor Day passes are available, one book of five passes for $35.00. Visitor day passes can be obtained via mail or in-person at our permit office located at 35. N 8th Street with the application provided below. 
Please call 215-683-9730 for additional information.


NOTE: If you have three or more unpaid parking tickets, all outstanding fines and penalties must be paid before any permit can be issued.

Restrictions and Exclusions

Permits are only valid on blocks posted for permit parking and only those posted with the district number for which the permit is issued. For example, a permit issued for District 1 is not valid in District 3.

Residential parking permit district boundaries can be found in the link provided below:

Residential Parking Permit District Boundaries

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Permit holders are exempt only from posted time limit and meter fees on Residential Parking Permit blocks. They are still required to comply with all other regulations such as “No Parking”, “No Stopping”, “ Loading Zone”, etc.

Permit holders are not exempt from time limits or meter fees on blocks not posted for permit parking.


Residential Parking Permits Frequently Asked Questions

The program is designed to improve parking availability for neighborhood residents.

An eligible vehicle owner can purchase a permit which allows unrestricted parking on blocks with time limits signs and free parking at meters. The permit is only applicable in the district specified on the sticker and only on blocks posted with permit parking signs.

Permits can be issued for a vehicle whose owner and principal driver resides within an existing district as designated by City Council. The vehicle must display a valid Pennsylvania license plate and be registered to the owner’s home address in that district.

Yes. You can obtain a permit for a leased company car or company car if you demonstrate, to the satisfaction of the Parking Authority, that you are a resident, that you are the principal operator of the vehicle and that the vehicle is a company car. Please call 215-683-9730 for more information regarding what is acceptable documentation.

If you have three or more outstanding parking tickets, you will not be eligible to puchase a parking permit. You must first make payment at:
Parking Violations Branch
913 Filbert Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107
8:00 AM – 8:00 PM weekdays
9:00 AM – 1:00 PM Saturday

You can also make payments by clicking here.

You may schedule a hearing to contest your tickets by calling the Parking Violations Branch at 888-591-3636.

If you transferred the license plate from your old car to your new car, you can also transfer your permit. If you have a new license plate you must obtain a new permit $10.00 replacement fee. Please call 215 683-9730, for additional information.

Your guests may park for the duration of the posted time limit. For longer stays, you can obtain a temporary parking permit.

No, permit holders must continue to obey all other parking regulations, including safety regulations such as parking too close to a hydrant or a corner. Permit holders may also be ticketed for ignoring time limit signs on blocks in your district that do not have permit parking signs.

Blocks that are primarily residential. According to City Ordinance 547-A, permit parking cannot be posted on a block when actual commercial and/or institutional use of property on the ground floor level of that block exceeds fifty percent.

The Philadelphia Parking Authority is responsible for permit issuance and is located at
35 North 8th Street
Philadelphia PA 19106

Application for the annual permit may be made through the mail.

Parking Enforcement Officers make the rounds of the permit district to enforce the posted time limit. When a vehicle without a permit is parked overtime, it is ticketed. Vehicles with permits will be ticketed if the numbers punched on the permit do not match the first and last digits of the license plate number. Permitted vehicles will also be ticketed if the month and year punched indicate that the permit has expired.