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Charging Up at the PHL Airport

CHARGEPOINTDid you recently make the switch to an electric vehicle (EV)? Good news for ya: You can now charge up during your travels at our Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) parking facilitiesfor free!

Here’s the scoop: In late 2015 we installed seven EV charging stations down at the PHL. Each station can charge two vehicles, which means 14 EVs can be juiced up while you’re parked during your travels. Use of the charging stations is currently free of charge. Keep in mind though: normal parking rates will still apply. Check out below for their locations:

Garage C, Level 1 : 2 charging stations

Garage D, Level 1 : 2 charging stations

Economy Lot, Near Toll Booths : 3 charging stations

The charging stations are maintained and operated by ChargePoint, the world’s largest EV charging network. And to make things even more convenient, their mobile app lets you know when charging stations are available and where they’re located.

So if you’re an environmentally conscious frequent flyer, we’ve got you covered down at the PHL. Also, if you haven’t already, check out the various other tech advancements at the airport parking facilities here.     

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