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Motorcycle & Scooter Parking

As motorcycles and scooters add to the diverse transportation system in Philadelphia, the PPA will continue working to provide sufficient access and safety for all commuters. Please see below for additional details on parking your scooter or motorcycle in Philadelphia.

Virtual Permits:

The PPA offers virtual permits for scooter and motorcycle riders to park in designated corrals. The virtual permits are available for purchase at the PPA’s Permit Office located at 35 N. 8th Street. Customers will need to provide proof of vehicle registration to obtain a permit. Virtual permits can be purchased in the following increments:

3 Months: $75
6 Months: $150
9 Months: $225
12 Months: $250

Parking in Designated Scooter & Motorcycle Corrals:

In addition to obtaining virtual permits, riders can make a $5 purchase at a pay-by-plate kiosk, or through the PPA’s mobile payment app, meterUP. The $5 purchase will permit all-day parking in designated scooter and motorcycle corrals during the hours indicated on posted signs.

NOTE: Each corral has a designated zone number indicated on posted signs that should be referenced when making the $5 all-day corral payment. Before purchasing time at a parking kiosk, please ensure you’re entering the designated corral zone number. The correct zone number can be found on posted signs within the corral and starts with the numbers 99. Normal parking rates apply outside of designated scooter and motorcycle corrals.

Dense parking is allowed at corrals. This means you can park as many vehicles that can reasonably fit into the corrals. Please be conscientious when parking to avoid any damage to other vehicles.

Scooters and motorcycles are not permitted to park in bicycle corrals.

Residential Parking Permits:

A residential parking permit (RPP) for scooters and motorcycle costs $35 a year and it is not included in the tiered scale of permits, so it does not affect the cost of any other permits in a single household.  Permits may be purchased at 35 North 8th Street with proof of residence, and vehicle registration. You may also apply for a residential parking permit through the link provided below:

Online Residential Parking Permit Application & Renewal

NOTE: Residential parking permits are not valid in designated scooter and motorcycle corrals.

Parking in Residential Areas:

On residential blocks, including those in Center City and University City which are posted residential permit parking, motorcycles and scooters are permitted to park on the sidewalk in front of the operator’s residence under the following conditions:

  • The block is posted for residential parking permit regulations and the motorcycle or scooter has a valid permit for that district. A Day Pass or Temporary Permit issued to a resident’s visitor will also be honored.
  • The scooter or motorcycle must be parked against the building and must not interfere with pedestrian travel.
  • The operator must have the permission of the property owner.
  • Motorcycles and scooters must be turned off and walked from the curb to the place it is parked on the sidewalk.
  • On unregulated residential blocks, motorcycles or scooters may park in front of their home without a permit as long as the other conditions are met.

Additional Resources:

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Northeast Center City:

  • 700 Arch St. (SOUTH SIDE)
  • 1100 Arch St. (NORTH SIDE)
  • 1300 Arch St. (NORTH SIDE)
  • 200 N. 6th St. (WEST SIDE)
  • 100 N. 11th St. (EAST SIDE)

Northwest Center City:

  • 1600 Cherry St. (NORTH SIDE)
  • 1700 JFK Blvd. (SOUTH SIDE)
  • 1800 JFK Blvd. (NORTH SIDE)
  • 1700 Market St. (NORTH SIDE)
  • 1900 Market St. (NORTH SIDE)
  • 1400 Wood St. (SOUTH SIDE)

Southeast Center City:

  • 400 S. Front St. (WEST SIDE)
  • 500 S. Broad St. (EAST SIDE)
  • 200 Chestnut St. (NORTH SIDE)
  • 700 Chestnut St. (NORTH SIDE)
  • 800 Chestnut St. (NORTH SIDE)
  • 1000 Chestnut St. (NORTH SIDE)
  • 100 Dock St. (EAST SIDE)
  • 100 S. Front St. (WEST SIDE)
  • 1000 Locust St. (SOUTH SIDE)
  • 600 South St. (NORTH SIDE)
  • 1000 South St. (NORTH SIDE)
  • 1300 South St. (NORTH SIDE)
  • 800 Spruce St. (NORTH SIDE)
  • Unit S. 6th St. (WEST SIDE)
  • 100 S 6th St. (WEST SIDE)
  • 200 S 10th St. (WEST SIDE)
  • 100 S. 12th St. (WEST SIDE)
  • 299 S 12th St. (WEST SIDE)

Southwest Center City:

  • 1500 Chestnut St. (NORTH SIDE)
  • 1600 Chestnut St. (NORTH SIDE)
  • 1500 Latimer St. (NORTH SIDE)
  • 1600 Locust St. (SOUTH SIDE)
  • 1500 Sansom St. (NORTH SIDE)
  • 1700 Sansom St. (NORTH SIDE)
  • 1800 Sansom St. (NORTH SIDE)
  • 2100 Sansom St. (NORTH SIDE)
  • 1800 South St. (SOUTH SIDE)
  • 299 S. 17th St. (WEST SIDE)

University City:

  • 3400 Filbert St. (NORTH SIDE)
  • 3600-3700 Ludlow St. (SOUTH SIDE)
  • 3700 Sansom St. (NORTH SIDE)
  • 200 S. 33rd St. (WEST SIDE)
  • 3000 J.F.K. Blvd. (SOUTH SIDE)
  • 3600 Spruce St (SOUTH SIDE)

An interactive map of locations can be found here – Motorcycle and Scooter Locations Map