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On-Street Parking

PPA’s On-Street Parking program creates sound parking regulations for each business and residential area. These regulations are tailored to accommodate the particular needs and uses of each block. By working with businesses and residents we can understand the unique circumstances which exist in each area and tailor regulations to provide the maximum benefits.

We also establish regulations that improve public safety and efficient traffic flow. Loading zones are established to provide space for dropping off or picking up goods or people without blocking traffic. No Stopping zones create clearance to increase both traffic and pedestrian safety. Rush hour clearance zones provide an additional travel lane to expedite the movement of traffic during peak periods.



Philadelphia Meter Parking

In order to improve parking availability, parking meters are used to regulate the amount of time one vehicle can park. This encourages vehicle turnover opening those spaces for other parkers. Single space parking meters are the most common and are used in neighborhood business districts in Philadelphia. These meters are activated by depositing coins to purchase time. When the time purchased has elapsed, an expired signal is displayed and the vehicle may then be ticketed for a meter expired violation.

To improve customer service, the PPA has also installed parking meter kiosks in Center City and University City. In addition to coins, bills and credit cards may be used for payment at these devices. The meter kiosks also allow flexibility in the amount of time which can be purchased. Many kiosks have a two hour limit to support weekday retail activity. In the evening, those kiosks permit a motorist to purchase three hours of time for dining or theater patrons. This link will take you to a video that provides instructions on the use of parking meter kiosks, visitphilly.com/parking.

The parking regulation signs governing metered parking spaces indicate the time limit and the hours during which the meter must be paid. Be sure to read the signs carefully because some blocks permit metered parking during certain hours but prohibit parking at other times to accommodate heavier travel periods. Vehicles are subject to ticketing and towing during those hours in which parking is prohibited.

Each metered block also has one space designated for the exclusive use of people with disabilities. Those spaces are designated by both a sign indicated the restricted use of the space as well as having blue parking meters. Those spaces are reserved for people with disabilities at all times, even when a meter fee is not required. Vehicles must have a license plate or placard for people with disabilities to park in those spaces and may pay either at the blue meter or at a kiosks on the block. Other vehicles are subject to a $300 fine and may be towed.

Philadelphia Parking Permits, Loading Zones and Valet Zones

Our parking permit programs are designed to accommodate the parking needs of people who live and do business in the city.

PPA’s Loading Zone programs ensure that loading zones are available to businesses for the loading and unloading of supplies and people; Valet Zones can also be created for Valet Parking businesses.

For more information, visit our Permits Page.