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Get a Ticket at a Pay-By-Plate Kiosk? Let Us Know!

  As long as there are humans on earth, there will be inadvertent human error — and parking tickets are not foreign to that philosophy, especially if it’s one of your first times using our pay-by-plate parking kiosks.  We get it. Mistakes happen — and we include ourselves in that statement. But
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Signs: Who Handles What?

As you park your car in the streets of Philly, and before you feed the meter, what are you likely to see? You guessed it—signs. With a multitude of signs scattered throughout our city blocks, it’s important to remember one thing: Make sure you read them before parking so you can
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2023 Driver Test Results

Driver Results Tuesday 12.19.23 Taxicab Driver Training Results Wednesday 12.13.23 Driver Test Results Thursday 12.7.23 Driver Test Results Tuesday 11.28.23 Driver Test Results Tuesday 11.21.23 Taxicab Driver Training Results Wednesday 11.15.23 Driver Test Results Thursday 11.9.23 Driver Test Results Thursday 11.2.23 Driver Test Results Tuesday 10.24.23 Taxicab Driver Training Results Wednesday 10.18.23 Driver Test Results Thursday 10.12.23 Driver Test Results Tuesday
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Obra S. Kernodle, IV

Obra S. Kernodle, IV has an impressive background, including working as Commissioner on the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board, Deputy Chief of Staff for Governor Tom Wolf, Political Director to Mayor Nutter, and currently Deputy Chief Executive Officer for the Delaware River Port Authority. Obra is also a Board member for
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Name Our New App — And Get Rewarded!

  PPA is excited to announce in the next coming months, we will release an app that allows customers to make payments and reserve parking in our center city garages. But here's the thing, we need your help. This app needs a name, and we'd like to hear from you.  The PPA
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PHL Impression Makers: Philadelphia Parking Authority (PPA) Deputy Manager of Operations Benjamin Tribuiani

Benjamin Tribuiani, deputy manager of operations for the Philadelphia Parking Authority(PPA), recently received the “Impression Makers” award from Philadelphia International Airport’s (PHL) Employee Recognition Program. This award recognizes customer-facing employees who provide direct customer service to passengers. Tribuiani oversees the day-to-day processes of the PPA. He is responsible for administering policies
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