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PPA & Variety Announce ADA Mobility Access Initiative


(PHILADELPHIA) – The Philadelphia Parking Authority (PPA) and Variety – the Children’s Charity of the Delaware Valley (, today jointly announced the pending start of the PPA’s latest quality of life initiative. The PPA’s new ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Mobility Access Initiative is a dual public education and on-street enforcement initiative aimed at stopping illegal parking on sidewalks and blocking curb cuts and crosswalks, all of which seriously impede access and the free movement of people with disabilities.

PPA Executive Director Rich Lazer joined Variety Chief Executive Officer Dominique Bernardo in saying, “Our new Mobility Access Initiative is aimed at changing behavior and raising public awareness of the adverse impact on people with disabilities when motorists park illegally on sidewalks or block curb cuts and crosswalks.”

In conjunction with the on-street enforcement efforts, a series of public service announcements (PSAs) featuring two persons with disabilities will be aired on various social media channels for the next six months. The PSAs feature Lamoni Green, a Variety Ambassador and local college student born with cerebral palsy and her mother Tanya Green. Sheila Hess, the former Philadelphia City Representative who was born with spina bifida, is also featured in the PSAs.

Three of the PSAs can be viewed by clicking on the links below;

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“The PPA is honored to partner with Variety – the children’s charity of the Delaware Valley – on this very important and worthwhile initiative. They are a tremendous charity with a long history of serving young people with disabilities. They were instrumental in helping us with the messaging and production of the PSAs,” said PPA Executive Director Lazer.

“Lamoni and Sheila are representative of the thousands of Philadelphians, and millions of Americans with physical disabilities who must confront barriers every day that impede their access and freedom of movement on our city streets,” Lazer said.

“Variety’s goal in partnering with the PPA on this vitally important initiative is to emphasize that the simple act of parking your car illegally in the wrong place, for even only a few minutes, can significantly impact someone else’s life.  We are grateful to the PPA for bringing these issues to light and taking action,” said Variety’s Bernardo.

In order to give residents ample notice of the pending enhanced enforcement, the PPA will distribute warning notices starting today Lazer said. Enhanced enforcement will begin Monday – May 13th.

In closing, Lazer said, “as you drive around the city, looking for a parking space, I think it’s important to remember the slogan from our Mobility Access Initiative. There’s a person behind the sign. Keep them in mind – please.”