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PPA at Work: Officers Instructed on Supporting Public Safety

The job of a Parking Enforcement Officer entails more than just issuing parking violations.  As a large force that is present daily on our city streets, they can be the eyes and ears for other city agencies, as well as ambassadors for the public in general. In a continued effort to support public safety, officers report dangerous street conditions, malfunctioning traffic lights as well as report children and dogs left alone in vehicles.

In recognizing the important role your enforcement officers can play, the PPA is partnering with Philadelphia’s Office of Homeless Services and Department of Behavioral Health & Intellectual Disability Services to provide  officers with comprehensive Homeless Services and Behavioral Health training.

Speaking to the officers in training, PPA Executive Director, Clarena Tolson said, “As a public service agency with hundreds of boots on the ground on a daily basis, we’re happy to expand the city’s resources and help support safety on our streets.”

This comprehensive safety initiative educates our officers by first teaching them to recognize circumstances that may have the potential to put members of the public in danger.  They are also taught what to do if this situation arises and who they should contact to address the situation.  This training will assist us in not only keeping our employees safe on the streets, but others as well.

To learn more about Philadelphia’s homeless population, visit the  websites of  Philadelphia’s Office of Homeless Services or Department of Behavioral Health & Disability Services.