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Parking for Visitors



Being a gracious host extends beyond providing warm hospitality; it encompasses ensuring your guests’ entire experience is seamless from when they arrive to when they depart. One often overlooked aspect of hosting is ensuring your guests can easily find parking. 

Luckily, you can alleviate any parking angst your out-of-town guests might have by taking advantage of our temporary parking permits and day passes, which can simplify the process for hosts and guests alike.

Let’s Get To It:

Day Passes:

  • Day passes consist of a single booklet of five parking passes for $35.
  • Residents can purchase a maximum of two booklets and then wait 60 days before buying another.
  • Proof of residence is required.
  • To use the pass, scratch off the month and date on which the pass will be used, and write the visitor’s license plate number in the box provided on the pass. Then, hang the pass on the rearview mirror. You can download the day pass application below:

Download Day Pass Application

Temporary Parking Passes:

  • Temporary parking passes can be purchased per visitor vehicle for a maximum of 30 days (or two increments of 15 days).
  • After 30 days, that visitor vehicle must wait 45 days before getting another temporary pass for that license plate.
  • Temporary parking passes cost $30 for 30 days and $15 for 15 days. To purchase a temporary pass, visit our office at 35 N. 8th Street Monday-Friday 8:30 am – 4:00 pm.
  • Proof of residence is required.
  • Since temporary parking passes are assigned to license plates, you must provide the license plate number of the visitor’s vehicle.

Note: Day passes are valid for up to a year after purchase.

And that’s how it’s done. If you have any questions, you can call our permit office at 215-683-9730. We can also field questions on  X (formerly Twitter) and Facebook.