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Booted & Towed Vehicles Frequently Asked Questions

PPA tows illegally parked vehicles from designated Tow Zones in order to improve traffic flow and eliminate hazardous traffic conditions. If a vehicle has three or more delinquent parking, red-light camera, or speed camera violations, it is also subject to booting and towing. 

Click here to locate an impounded vehicle or call us at 888-591-3636. If your car has been towed or impounded by the Philadelphia Parking Authority, we will be able to tell you where your vehicle was taken, and what to do to reclaim it.

In order to reclaim a towed or impounded vehicle, you must pay for all outstanding tickets as well as tow and storage fees. Payment must be made online at or in person at one of the following locations:

Parking Violations Branch
913 Filbert Street
8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Weekdays
9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Saturday

Parking Authority Impoundment Lot 1
2501 Weccacoe Avenue
(near Columbus Boulevard and Oregon Avenue)
215 683-9550
Monday – Sunday 8am-9:30pm

If it is not at the Weccacoe Avenue Impoundment Lot, it will be at one of our other lots:

Lot 2
2535 Swanson Street
Monday-Sunday 10am-6pm

Lot 6
4701 Bath Street
215 683-9510
Monday-Sunday 10am -6pm

Lot 7
6801 Essington Avenue
215 683-9880
Monday-Sunday 10am -6pm

Please note that you must present the following to the staff at the Impoundment Lot before your vehicle will be returned to you:
 Your valid driver’s license
 Current vehicle registration
 Proof of current insurance for the vehicle
 Cashier’s receipt(s) along with the accompanying BAA/PVB Release Authorization for payment and/or adjudication of the tow and storage charges
 Release authorization from the Philadelphia Traffic Court (only applies to vehicles impounded through Live Stop)

If your vehicle is booted or towed and you wish to have a hearing, you must go to the Bureau of Administrative Adjudication at 913 Filbert St., Monday-Friday between the hours of 9:00 AM and 2:00 PM.

In addition to paying a $150 boot removal fee, all outstanding tickets must be paid or enrolled in a payment plan, in order for the boot to be removed.

Payment in full can be made contact free:

Click here to make payment online.

Via Phone at 1-888-591-3636

In-person, by appointment only, at 913 Filbert Street. To schedule an appointment text the words Parking Violations Branch to 267-214-5273

Installment Payment Plan details and applications are available:

Via Phone at 1-888-591-3636

In-person at 913 Filbert Street

Please note that the $150 boot removal fee is not eligible for a payment plan and when a customer enrolls in an installment payment plan, they are admitting liability to all tickets enrolled. Once the violations are paid or enrolled in a payment plan, a crew will be dispatched to remove the boot from your vehicle.

Booted vehicles may be towed for several reasons such as obstructing the rush hour traffic, or concern that damage might be done to the vehicle. The $175 tow fee does not apply until 72 hours after the vehicle has been booted.

Vehicle must be removed within two hours of the boot release, especially if the booted vehicle obstructs traffic..

Impounded vehicles are not released until the driver presents certification of proper registration, insurance, and driver’s license. You must also pay the total amount due, including all outstanding tickets, fees, fines, and penalties before you can take possession of your vehicle. This includes all currently and previously owned vehicles. 

Vehicles impounded through the Live Stop program must also satisfy all outstanding tickets at the Philadelphia Municipal Court Traffic Division. Vehicles that are not claimed within 21 days are sold at an online public auction.

If your vehicle was towed from a State Highway due to an accident, and your vehicle needs to be towed from our facility, please email for further instruction.

Fees are detailed in the table below.

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Description Fee Amount
Vehicles under 11,000 pounds – Straight tows Boot Fee – $150.00
Tow Fee – $175.00
Storage Fee: $25.00 plus 25% tax for every 24 hours
Vehicles under 11,000 pounds – Live Stops Tow Fee – $210.00
Storage Fee: $25.00 plus 25% tax for every 24 hours
Vehicles over 11,000 pounds to 17,000 pounds – Straight tows Boot Fee – $150.00
Tow Fee – $250.00
Storage Fee: $40.00 for each 24 hours plus 25% tax.
Vehicles over 11,000 pounds to 17,000 pounds – Live Stop Tow Fee – $285.00
Storage Fee: $40.00 for each 24 hours plus 25% tax.
Vehicles over 17,000 pounds – Straight tows Boot Fee – $150.00
Tow Fee – $360.00
Storage Fee: $75.00 for each 24 hours plus 25% tax.
Vehicles over 17,000 pounds – Live stops Tow Fee – $395.00
Storage Fee: $75.00 for each 24 hours plus 25% tax.