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PPA Announces Park, Eat, Love Poster Contest Winner

And the winner of our Park, Eat, Love poster contest is (drum roll please) — Delora Ann Walton!

Delora is an 8th-grade student at Franklin Towne Elementary School who loves to draw. 

“My design was inspired by the words, especially the food one. That one was fun to draw. I just wanted it to speak for itself, so everyone knew exactly what it was for,” said Walton of her winning poster design.

“My future plans will definitely have something to do with art. I’m not sure exactly what though,” said Walton of her artistic ambitions.

When you see Walton’s poster proudly displayed outside of our garages, you could get a significant parking discount.

Last month we announced our Park, Eat, Love parking discount, an initiative to encourage patronage at Philadelphia restaurants as the city reopened for indoor dining. Through November 30, 2020, restaurant patrons can receive a discounted $7 flat-rate after 5 p.m. at the following PPA-operated garages. The $7 flat-rate is valid for up to 4 hours of parking.

Restaurant patrons will receive the discounted parking rate after presenting their restaurant receipt to the management office at any of the above PPA operated garages. 

With Walton’s help, we proudly support local restaurants that have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. It is our hope this parking discount will encourage patronage within Philadelphia’s robust and vibrant restaurant scene.