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Bid No. 17-30 On-Site Automobile Auctioneer

This opportunity is being issued by the Parking Authority (the “Authority”), a body corporate and politic created under the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in accordance with the Act of June 19, 2001, P.L. 287, No. 22, as amended, known as the “Parking Authority Law”. The Authority is soliciting written bids for on-site automobile auctioneer services (Auctioneer) from qualified contractors to be performed at various Authority locations for the sale of vehicles impounded by the Authority and unclaimed by the owners.

The sole contact at the Authority shall be Mary Wheeler, Manager of Contract Administration, 701 Market Street, Suite 5400, Philadelphia, PA 19106 or via email at  See attached Notice to Bidders for important dates and additional information.

Notice to Bidders

RFP No. 17-30 On- Site Auctioneer Services

17-30 Proposal Form

17-30 Addendum #1

17-30 Addendum #2

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