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Contesting a Ticket: You’ve Got Options

You Have Options:
From walking into an ice cream shop with 50+ flavors or getting a parking ticket you think you have been wrongfully issued, remember that you have options. It’s important to assess the situation and move forward with whatever your choice may be, whether that’s paying or contesting a ticket, or choosing between chocolate and strawberry.

You Have Rights:
Not only does the Philadelphia Parking Authority fully support everyone’s right to contest a ticket, we also want you to know your options for contesting them.

How to Contest A Ticket:
In some cases, contesting a ticket can be done directly through the Parking Violations Branch (PVB). If your claim involves…

  1. A broken parking meter
  2. Having a valid kiosk receipt
  3. Or possessing a valid permit/disabled placard for the location you were parked
  4. Sign discrepancy

…then your best bet would be addressing it with the PVB. Here’s how:

  • Contest the ticket through this web form.
  • Mail your information to the PVB:

Parking Violations Branch PO Box 41818
Philadelphia, PA 19101-1819

  • Call the PVB at 888-591-3636 if you have any questions.

All other situations where a ticket is being contested that weren’t mentioned above can be addressed with the Bureau of Administrative Adjudication (BAA). And yet again — you have options:

  • Submit your case by mail. To learn how to submit your case by mail, click here.
  • Submit your case online by clicking here.

Any questions about contesting your ticket? We’ll get you answers through Facebook or X (formerly Twitter).