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Funding PPA Municipal Lots

A vital component of our obligation to residents and visitors is to provide safe, affordable and convenient off-street parking options in our city.

Recognizing the limited street space available in our neighborhoods, we operate and maintain 43 neighborhood lots throughout the city. Of those 43 lots, 25 are free to both residents and visitors alike. Additionally, we also provide 18 neighborhood lots that charge a nominal daily or monthly fee for parking.

As we strive to provide quality services to the public, there are significant on-going maintenance costs. Lots are kept clear of snow in the winter, clean at all times, well lit, and safe for vehicles and pedestrians alike.

Advertising is one option we have used for over 20 years at these lots to allow us to continue providing this service at little or no cost to the public, while at the same time help off-set the annual cost to maintain the lots.

By law, all revenue generated from off-street parking fees and advertising are not combined with the revenue produced by on-street operations.  Additionally, on-street revenue is directed to the City’s general fund and School District and cannot be used to maintain off-street facilities. This year on-street operations generated over forty-seven million dollars ($47 million) for the City’s general fund and School District.

We hope to continue in our mission to provide safe, affordable and convenient off-street parking options and welcome input from the public.  We invite you to partner with us to craft a solution that will work for your neighborhood and also allow us to provide you with this service in the most cost-effective manner.

We thank you in advance for taking the time to share your thoughts with us.

Please reach out to us on Twitter and Facebook, or directly to our Facilities Director at