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Parking Fails: Volume II

Our world will never be short of parking fails. Think about it: In the U.S. alone, there are hundreds of millions of parking spaces, so someone is bound to screw up. All the drivers can do is hope their parking mishaps aren’t posted online for the world to see.

Unfortunately for the three drivers in this edition of Parking Fails, they were unable to suppress the viral nature of the internet we’ve come to love and adore. Let’s take a look:

Parking Fail # 4Parking Fail # 1

Lesson to all drivers: When a police officer says, “OK, you’re free to go,” triple check to make sure your car is in drive. Why? See Exhibit A to the left.

Looks like the driver got a little too antsy after being cut a break. The good thing is that it looks like no one got hurt, but the driver should still be cited for utter stupidity.


Parking Fail # 5Parking Fail # 2

OK — who gave Vin Diesel the keys? From the looks of this one, someone was trying to reenact a scene from The Fast and the Furious.

Either way, this guy gives a whole different meaning to the term residential parking.


Note: For information on Residential Parking Permits in Philly, check out the blog post about it..


Parking Fail 2Parking Fail # 3

Not sure who to feel bad for in this one — the construction workers or the driver? Regardless, this guy has cemented himself in parking fail history.

On a side note: maybe they should just leave the car as is. It makes for some interesting street art. Who knows? Maybe this was actually the work of the elusive graffiti artist Banksy.

Have you spotted a parking fail? Send it our way on Twitter or Facebook and maybe it’ll be featured in a future edition of Parking Fails!

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