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Parking Fails: Volume III

What’s one of the first things you learned when you got your learner’s permit? Aside from turning on the ignition, how to properly park was probably up there. Whether it was parallel parking on the street, or parking in a lot, knowing how to do it is a must for any motorist.

Welp — the motorists in our third volume of Parking Fails might want to reassess their parking abilities, or lack thereof. If you missed it, check out Parking Fails Volume I and Volume II. And here is Parking Fails Volume III!

Parking Fail # 7Parking Fail #1

Honey, I’m going fishing. Not sure when I’ll be back.”

Hopefully this guy’s catch for the day was worth it. In fact — he probably had to sell off his catch and put the cash toward a new car. Better yet, the conversation with his wife upon returning home probably didn’t go too well either.

Hun, I have good news and bad news. The good news is I brought home dinner. The bad news well, we’re going to be hoofing it for a while.

Parking Fail # 8Parking Fail #2

We know Wal-Mart offers some great discounts, but come on, guy. Also, how did you even get out of your car? More importantly, where did shoppers wind up putting their shopping carts? We’re willing to bet the parking lot probably looked something like this.

Either way, there’s no excuse for this, even if it’s Black Friday.


Parking Fail # 9Parking Fail #3

Park between the lines? Nah — makes too much sense. Props to the lone nonconformist in this one though.

Seriously though, what part of the lines didn’t these drivers see? Maybe this was an unfortunate case of follow the leader.

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