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Scooter/Motorcycle FAQs: The Sequel

Do you have additional questions about parking your scooter or motorcycle in Philadelphia after reading our first round of FAQs? Welp, check out round two below and reach out to us on Twitter or Facebook with any additional questions.

Question: I’m concerned about the safety of my vehicle, but I’ve heard there’s going to be locking devices installed on some corrals. Can you tell me the locations and how many will be installed?

 Answer: Poles (locking mechanisms) have been installed in the following zones:

·     1100 Arch Street

·     1300 Arch Street

·     1500 Sansom Street

·     1700 Sansom Street

·     1800 Sansom Street

·     2100 Sansom Street

·     1700 JFK Boulevard

·     100 North 11th Street

Along with installing the poles, we have also repainted the lines in the above mentioned zones.  We will continue to install poles and repaint in the remaining zones throughout the city.

Question: Is there a map available of scooter and motorcycle parking locations?

Answer: Yes, an interactive map is provided below. When you click on a corral location, you will see the address, and the street side where the zone is located.

Question: What corral locations have been expanded?

Answer:  Please see below for added and expanded corral locations.

  • 16th & Ben Franklin: This zone has been expanded 20 feet.
  • 17th & 18th & Callowhill: A corral has been added to our lot on 19th & Callowhill Street

Question: Allowing residential sidewalk parking is beneficial; please continue. Are you considering a type of city-wide residential permit that would allow residential sidewalk parking across districts?

Answer: On blocks posted for Residential Permit Parking (RPP), motorcycles/scooters may park on the sidewalk with a valid permit for that district, provided it does not block pedestrian access. When visiting an RPP area, the resident may provide a day pass to allow their visitor to park on the sidewalk in front of his or her home. On unregulated blocks, motorcycles and scooters may park on the sidewalk with the permission on the property owner.

Question:  Are there any plans for providing additional parking corrals in key areas where it’s needed (e.g., the restaurant row in Passyunk Square)?

Answer:  Yes. Please see below for potential new locations in Northern Liberties and University City.

  • 36th & Walnut Streets
  • 40th & Walnut Streets
  • 3200 Chestnut Street
  • 3300 Market Street

Question:  Will the PPA reconsider the current, no-sidewalk parking rule in non-residential areas and evaluate whether minimal sidewalk parking in some business areas may be feasible?

Answer: Due to the density of pedestrians in commercial areas, permitting motorized vehicles on the sidewalk creates an unacceptable safety hazard and will not be permitted.

Question:  How do PEOs determine whether or not a scooter/motorcycle parked on the sidewalk interferes with pedestrian traffic?

Answer: There should be at least a four feet clearance for pedestrian traffic.