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Bid No. 23-08 Uniform Supplier

This opportunity is being issued by the Parking Authority (the “Authority”), a body corporate and politic created under the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in accordance with the Act of June 19, 2001, P.L. 287, No. 22, as amended, known as the “Parking Authority Law”.

The Authority seeks to procure employee uniforms from a reputable supplier under an initial contract term ending January 31, 2025. The term of the contract may be extended by and at the sole option of the Authority for up to four (4) additional one-year renewals.

Prospective Bidders must register for this solicitation using the Bidder Registration Form (control-click to follow link), prior to the mandatory in-person Pre-Bid meeting on Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Prospective Bidders are required to attend a mandatory in-person Pre-Bid Meeting that will be held in the offices of the Authority, 701 Market Street, Suite 5400, Philadelphia, PA 19106 on Wednesday, May 24, 2023 at 11:00 AM. Bidders must be in attendance at this meeting in order to be considered an eligible bidder. Samples of uniform items will be on display during this meeting.

The sole contact at the Authority shall be Shannon Stewart, Manager of Contract Administration, email at

RFP No. 23-08 Bidder Registration Form

Bid No. 23-08 Notice to Bidders

Bid No. 23-08 Uniform Supplier – Bid Document

Bid No. 23-08 Appendix D – Cost Form

Bid No. 23-08 Pre-Bid Sign-In Sheet

Bid No. 23-08 Addendum #1 – 6.2.23

Bid No. 23-08 Addendum #2 – 6.8.23

Bid No. 23-08 Addendum #3 – 6.15.23

Bid No. 23-08 Addendum #4 – 6.23.23

Bid No. 23-08 Bid Tabulation