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PPA Issues Consumer Alert: Cautions use of third-party payment platforms

(PHILADELPHIA) – The Philadelphia Parking Authority (PPA) issued a consumer alert regarding online ticket payments. Customers who use third-party payment platforms have reported delayed payments and high fees. These delays prevent timely retrieval of vehicles after payment or cause additional enforcement. 

The third-party platforms are available online and collect payments for many municipalities.  Instead of governmental entities, these platforms are run by private companies and charge fees which may be high. 

When paying at, payments are instantly applied and can stop enforcement action immediately. Customers are urged to choose carefully their online payment options.  

In issuing the consumer alert, PPA Executive Director Scott Petri said, “When making online payments, we strongly encourage customers to do so through our official website,, rather than third-party platforms.”   

The PPA’s consumer alert comes after multiple instances of customers complaining after using third-party payment sites such as, which charges a 3% fee of the amount paid, in addition to a $7.99 service fee. 

“Payments made on third-party sites not only cost our customers a lot more but also may not be credited to their accounts for 24 to 48 hours. Unfortunately, this may result in late penalties and a delay in the release of an impounded vehicle,” said Petri.  

The PPA provides four (4) official methods to make payments. Those payment options include: 

  • Via Phone: 1-888-591-3636 
  • Via Mail: City of Philadelphia, Parking Violations Branch, P.O. Box 41818 Philadelphia, PA 19101 
  • In-person: 913 Filbert Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107