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Thank You to All PPA Employees

Dear Team,

I want to extend my sincere thanks and best wishes to all PPA employees. This year has been one that we could not have imagined. The COVID-19 pandemic brought uncertainty, devastation, and many hardships to our economy and our families. However, through it all, each of you has remained focused on our mission. I am thankful that we can reflect and be encouraged by the strength of our team.

As we navigate this challenging year, one word describes the PPA staff – resilient.  Individually and collectively, you stood up to the unpredictable trials and challenges. As a result, the PPA family is stronger and better as we provide essential support to the City of Philadelphia during a time of overwhelming challenge. 

Despite the unpredictable challenges we faced this year, there have been multiple bright spots. Through your resilience, teamwork, and unparalleled dedication to our mission, the PPA has received many notable awards and distinctions including:

  • Accredited Parking Organization with Distinction by IPMI
  • 2020 Parking Organization of the Year by IPMI
  • 2020 Professional Excellence Award by IPMI – Corrine O’Connor, Deputy Executive Director 
  • 2020 Marketing & Communications Award by IPMI
  • 2020 Leadership Award by GovTech Magazine – Rick Dickson, Deputy Executive Director 
  • 2020 Operations Award by Govtech Magazine
  • Woman of the Year Award  from Women’s Transportation Seminar – Clarena Tolson, Deputy Executive Director 
  • Technology Innovation for Citizens Award by GovTech Magazine
  • Outstanding Agency Accreditation Award from the National Institute for Government Purchasing
  • Premier Rated Garage Facilities from IPMI

I applaud each and every one for your sacrifice and hard work. The PPA would not be who we are without you. I am excited to transition to 2021 and look forward to further fulfilling our mission in a prosperous way. Sincerely and humbly, I wish you a peaceful and healthy new year.

 Kindest Regards,

Scott Petri