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Message to PPA staff from Executive Director, Scott Petri

Essential PPA staff has been reporting to work as needed for operations.  Starting Saturday, June 6th  PPA will resume regular work schedules for all employees.

Our team has been planning and making many preparations for all of us to return to work safely.  Part of the plan is to have two schedules or shifts for returning to your office building or worksite. In order to insure a safe start-up, one half of our staff will report at one time. Reporting will be rotated so everyone will be required to report the same number of hours in each pay period. Guidance from the Health Department will guide us as to when normal schedules will be reinstated. You will receive instrucitons next week regarding your shift assignment. Anyone who can work from home will continue to do so on the days they are not required to report to the office.

There is a lot of information to be relayed to you regarding our new policies and procedures.  You will be receiving information soon in the mail. Additionally, you will also be hearing from your management team regarding what days and times you should report to work. If you do not receive any information by Thursday, June 4th, please contact your manager.

Our location will be sanitized by external contractors on this Thursday, June 4th.  During the cleaning process, liquid is sprayed. It is imperative that you clear your work area of all papers because they will be damaged in the cleaning process.  If you have a desk or office in 701, I ask that you come to your workspace between tomorrow and Wednesday to ensure that all papers and documents are in drawers or boxes.  Do not come in on Thursday, June 4th.

Your cooperation is needed. I appreciate your assistance.  Please stay safe and thank you.