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Philadelphia Parking Authority to Begin Installation of NEW Solar-Powered “Pay-By-Plate” Parking Kiosks


(PHILADELPHIA) — Philadelphia Parking Authority (PPA) Executive Director, Scott Petri, announced during a press conference today that installation of new solar-powered “Pay-By-Plate” parking kiosks will begin in Center City on October 15, 2019, and will eventually expand city-wide to replace all existing kiosks and stand alone coin-operated parking meters.

In making the announcement, Petri said, “The PPA has always embraced the use of innovative technology to improve efficiency and the overall parking experience and quality of life for Philadelphia’s residents and visitors.The key to our new kiosks is remembering your license plate number.  Your license plate number is the basis for our new on-street parking operation.”

According to Petri, “Kiosk customers will be required to enter their license plate number, parking zone number, select payment methods of coin, credit or debit card. PPA enforcement officers will verify customer payment by electronically scanning each license plate to verify payment.”

The PPA’s “Pay-By-Plate” kiosks will initially be installed at current kiosk locations in Center City and will expand beyond that area and eventually go citywide — replacing all other kiosks and coin operated meters throughout Philadelphia. 

Petri stressed that “Customers must correctly enter their license plate number and will no longer be required to print a receipt from the kiosk that they were previously required to place on their vehicle’s dashboard — but they can choose to print a receipt, or receive one via text message,” he said.

During the transition period when new “Pay-By-Plate” kiosks are being installed to replace the existing kiosks, customers are reminded that until all kiosks are installed city-wide, both types of kiosks and stand-alone coin meters will be in operation in different parts of the city.

Below is a short video demonstrating how the new solar-powered “Pay-By-Plate” kiosks work;