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Get a Ticket While meteringUP? Let us Know!

What’s the main goal of meterUP?

Simple: to help you avoid getting parking tickets.

Aside from being able to make parking payments through your iPhone or Android phone, you can also extend your parking session if your meeting is running longer than expected, or if you plan on grabbing dessert after dinner.

Since the main goal is to help you avoid getting parking tickets, we want you to let us know if you’ve gotten a ticket even though you paid through meterUP. But before we delve into getting your ticket cancelled, let’s go over the reasons why the ticket may have been issued in the first place.

Incorrect License Plate:

When it comes to tickets being issued despite making payment through meterUP, the most common reason is an incorrect license plate being entered into your meterUP profile. If your plate number is entered incorrectly into your profile, the vehicle will register as unpaid when our Parking Enforcement Officers (PEOs) check for payment on their handheld devices. So while you’re setting up your profile, double check to make sure your license plate number is entered correctly to avoid a ticket.

Selecting the Wrong Zone Number:

The second most common reason a ticket can be issued is for selecting the incorrect meterUP zone number when paying to park. After parking your vehicle, it’s important to take note of the meterUP zone number displayed on posted signage.

Note: Each street block along with each street side has its own dedicated meterUP zone number that should be referenced when making payment.


Selecting the Wrong Vehicle:

One of the most convenient features of meterUP is being able to have multiple vehicles on your profile. Here’s the thing though: After parking, make sure you’re selecting the correct vehicle in your meterUP profile. If you have the wrong vehicle selected, no payment will be shown for the vehicle you actually parked.


PEO Errors:

From time to time, our PEOs can make mistakes. When it comes to meterUP, here’s some things that may occur when our PEOs are on their patrols:

  • PEO incorrectly enters license plate number when confirming if payment is made.
  • PEO checks wrong meterUP zone number when confirming if payment is made.
  • PEO’s handheld device is experiencing a communication error with payment server.


Getting Your Ticket Cancelled:

Good news: The PPA provides a one-time courtesy cancellation for inadvertent user error when making mobile parking payments. If you’ve gotten a ticket because of one of the above scenarios, we can help get it cancelled as long as you were in an active parking session when the ticket was issued.

Here’s what to do:

Step 1: Take note of your parking ticket number.

Step 2: Provide a copy of your mobile parking receipt by:


Opening the meterUP App and tap “Activity.”


Tap “History” to find the parking session when you were issued the ticket.


After finding the applicable parking session, take a screenshot.

Note: Please make sure your receipt includes the following:

Mobile Parking Zone Number
Date & Time of Transaction
Start & End Time of Transaction
License Plate Number


Step 3: Send the information to: 

After sending us the information, our team will look into the ticket and they’ll be in touch.

More questions about meterUP? Browse through the FAQs or check out the helpful video below!