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PPA to Participate In Annual Park(ing) Day on Friday – September 21st


On September 21, you’ll probably notice miniature parks sprouting up in some of Philadelphia’s metered parking spots; parks that weren’t there the day before. That’s because Philadelphia is one of many cities around the world hosting International Park(ing) Day.

Here’s the scoop:

Park(ing) Day is an annual event dedicated to showcasing how public spaces can be designed to better serve us all. For the past 10 years, local businesses, artists, and even individual citizens, have worked together to transform some of our on street parking spaces into alluring urban dwellings called parklets. We’re talking everything from miniature parks to miniature cafes popping up on Philly’s metered parking spaces.

In Philadelphia alone, you can expect to see over 50 parklets sprouting up throughout the day on Friday, September 21st — and if you’re in the area of 7th and Market Streets, our recycling-themed parklet will give you a convenient spot to sip on your coffee, read a book, or even eat your lunch. But of course the fun won’t only be limited to 7th and Market Streets. If you want to do a Park(ing) Day tour of Philadelphia, the below interactive map shows you where to find all the parklets throughout the city.