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Oak Lane Library Community Expo: How’d It Go?


During the past few weeks, Philadelphia Parking Authority staff have been hosting informational community expos throughout Philadelphia’s many neighborhoods. On Monday, November 13th, approximately 30 resident’s attended our event at the Oak Lane Library  —  and between refunds being issued to getting assistance with parking permits, we’re flattered by the feedback we’ve recieved:


I attended the PPA meeting and it was very, very helpful. I extended service to an elderly woman who’s having a problem and Ms. O’Connor is going to help her and assist me in helping this elderly woman, without her help I don’t know if that would be possible. This meeting was very helpful and I would stress that everyone in the community please come out to their next meeting. Because it was very helpful and the information was very helpful and you can get assistance here. So please come to the next meeting and I will try to keep notice and make a note to everyone that I can in all the churches and communities. Thank you,

P. Hackney


I came to the Parking Authority workshop clinic and I found that with a review of my driving record and my parking history that not only did I not have any outstanding tickets but I was also issued a refund. I will expect it in approximately three weeks. So come on down and get your refund!

F. Williams


Our next Community Expo will be held Wednesday, November 15th at the Penrose Recreation Center from 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM. Interested in attending? Here are the informational booths that will be available:

  •   Residential Permit Parking
  •   How to avoid a parking ticket
  •   Red Light Cameras
  •   How to enroll in a payment plan
  •   People with Disabilities Signs
  •   Your status with outstanding parking tickets
  •   Abandoned Vehicles
  •   Unclaimed Vehicle Auctions
  •   Contractor’s Placards
  •   PPA employment opportunities
  •   Loading Zones, Passenger Loading Zones, and Valet Zones


Psst — by the way, free pretzels and refreshments will be available!