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PPA To Enforce TNC Prohibition & Relax Regulation of Taxis in Philadelphia


(PHILADELPHIA) In a statement today, PPA Deputy Executive Director Corinne O’Connor said, “While we understand that TNC services (Uber X and Lyft) are very popular with the public and many elected officials want to see them continue, with the expiration of Act 85, TNC service in now illegal in Philadelphia and the PPA is committed to enforcing the law.  As a result, the PPA is providing 48 hour notice that it will resume enforcement against illegal TNC service in Philadelphia.”

Regarding taxi regulations, O’Connor announced “immediate waivers of certain existing taxi regulatory requirements,” pending formal board approval and a full review and promulgation of new permanent regulations, as follows:

1.      Upon installation of an approved camera system, operators may remove shields.  Operators are free to propose alternative systems for approval, particularly in light of the fact that they may operate without a shield if they have a camera system.

2.    While the 8 year age limit is statutory; we will  Increase mileage limit to 350,000, consistent with PUC mileage limitations.

3.      Waive requirement for semi-annual inspections until a vehicle reaches 200,000 miles.

4.      Waive requirement for two-way radios, with the caveat that we will continue to demand compliance with the panic switch requirement to protect drivers.

5.  We will allow operators to use stand-by vehicles to be used in the event of some problem which will cause the medallion vehicle to be out of commission; the Authority will determine an implementation plan within 30 days. 

 6.  We will allow all driver training (standard and WAV) to be done by operators or third parties, provided that a training program and syllabus is first approved by the TLD. The Authority will continue to conduct training for those who do not wish to pursue other training.  The Authority will continue to accept all driver applications for the processing of background checks and conduct testing for the issuance and renewal of driver certificates.

7.     We invite and will expedite consideration of new meter technologies, and are willing to grant experimental/condition authority for such new technologies.

8.  We invite and will expedite consideration of any petitioner for alternative rate arrangements (for example, differential rates applicable to trips book in advance through applications).

Concluding, O’Connor said, “we want to make clear that we will consider any other petition seeking a waiver of regulatory requirements to the extent it is permissible under law.  We cannot waive or relax statutory requirements.”