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Parking Fails: Volume XI

Parking: To some it’s still a science that is beyond comprehension. Luckily the lack of parking comprehension still provides for some good comedy, as you’ll clearly see in this edition of Parking Fails.

pfail 31Parking Fail #1

PSA: Chevy Silverados are now considered compact vehicles — at least in the mind of this driver.

Who knows? Maybe someone painted the word “compact” while the driver was shopping to make this look like an even bigger parking fail. Either way, it was parked squarely in the middle of two parking spots.

pfail 32Parking Fail # 2

Apparently if you park illegally in this city, you’ll not only get the boot, but your car will also be marooned on a concrete island.

Seriously though — at that point, why didn’t they just tow the car?

On a side note: Take a look at how to avoid our boots here.

pfail 33Parking Fail #3

This guy wanted to test his parallel parking skills at the expense of others in this parking lot.

Was this just merely an act of defiance? Or did this guy just legitimately think he was parking the right way?

You be the judge, but after scratching their heads in disbelief, a Parking Enforcement Office or a police officer would most definitely be giving this guy a ticket.

Spot an illegally parked vehicle in area we patrol? Let us know by calling 215-683-9775 and we’ll send someone out to take a look.

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