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Parking Fails: Volume X

Nothing good comes out of a bad park job. Think about it: Most of the time it’ll result in a ticket, and other times some people take a more aggressive approach to point out a parking mishap. In this edition of Parking Fails, we’re taking a brief look at those aggressive — and in some cases illegal — approaches.

pfail28Parking Fail # 1

OK, so we’re not sure if this is a prank or if someone was really ticked off at this guy’s park job.

Either way, this driver is going to have a longer commute home when they get wrapped up at work. In fact, they’ll probably have to run back to the office and grab a pair of scissors.


pfail29Parking Fail # 2

Let it be known that if you park incorrectly at this parking lot, your car will be vandalized beyond recognition.

A bit overboard? Yes.

Illegal? Most definitely.

Still an atrocious park job? You betcha.


pfail30Parking Fail # 3

This is a perfect example of getting the job done at all costs.

Painter: Yo, boss. Finishing up the last spot, but someone is blocking it.”

Boss: You know what to do.”

Alright, so this photo is likely edited, but it literally paints a good picture of how not to park in a public garage.

Remember: If you see an illegally parked car in an area we patrol, let us know by calling our communications line at


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