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52nd Street Meter Mural Project

IMG_7408It’s no secret that Philadelphia has a robust art scene. Think about it: We have the Philadelphia Art Museum, the Barnes Foundation and let’s not forget the countless murals scattered throughout the city.

Now, if you head down to 52nd Street, you’ll notice a different kind of mural — meter murals that is.

Here’s the scoop: A few months ago The Enterprise Center Community Development Corporation  (TEC-CDC) encouraged local artists, especially those with a West Philly connection (where 52nd Street is located), to give some old parking meters a much-needed facelift. After many proposals were submitted, 10 artists were chosen to spruce up the meters, and they didn’t disappoint.

Believe it or not, meter murals are becoming a thing in cities across the U.S. Most recently Dallas, TX and Wheeling, WV began sprucing up their parking meters, leaving parkers pleasantly surprised. We know: who’da thunk parking could be fun, right?

Anyway, let’s get back to 52nd Street.

Sure, sprucing up old parking meters is a cool idea, but for 52nd Street, it was more than that.

In an interview with PhillyVoice, Akeem Dixon, 52nd Street corridor manager for the TEC-CDC says, “Most importantly, this is a job creator. People will get paid for their artistic ability. This helps revitalize a community with an art installation, and it acts as a community engagement tool.”

Truer words have never been spoken. For more information on the great work done by  TEC-CDC, check out their website here, or give them a shout on Twitter.

PSST—by the way, ya still gotta feed these meters. 🙂

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