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#TBT: Center City AutoPark

#TBT AutoPark Center City 2For this month’s Throwback Thursday, we’re heading back to 1992 and taking another look at the grand opening of our AutoPark in Center City.

Nowadays if you head down to 1503 Arch St., you’ll notice our brand new Family Courthouse parking garage. But in 1992 at the same location, we opened the gates to our brand spankin’ new AutoPark in Center City.

For nearly 18 years, the AutoPark was constantly packed with vehicles, most of them from city workers. In fact, before 1503 Arch St. was a parking lot, it also housed Acme’s local headquarters.

#TBT Center City AutoPark 2Twenty-three years have passed since the grand opening — and a lot has changed. Think of it this way: In 1992, Rich Kotite was the Eagles head coach and owned by Norman Braman. Sadly, one thing still hasn’t changed: the Eagles still haven’t won a Super Bowl. But the complete transformation of 1503 Arch over the years reminds us of  Chip Kelly’s transformation of the Eagles!

Welp — now we’re in 2015 with a new parking garage and revamped Eagles squad. Who knows? Maybe 23 years from now, 1503 Arch St. will house flying cars and the Eagles will have a Super Bowl win under their belt.

Go get em’, Eagles!