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PPA ADA Event Participation

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A few months ago, we participated in an Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) event at City Hall. Not only did the occasion mark the 25th anniversary of the ADA being voted into law, it also gave us the perfect opportunity to assist residents with disabilities find parking close to their homes!

After setting up shop in the confines of City Hall, our staff greeted passersby with PPA freebies and encouraged enrollment in our Residential Parking for People with Disabilities Program (RPPD).

ADA Event Table 2“It was a beautiful day for the event,” says Helen Lorandeau, a PPA employee who was on hand assisting residents. “It was great meeting with people and informing them of services we can offer.”

Sure we helped and enlightened many residents by participating in the event, but we don’t want to stop there.

Here’s the deal, if you or someone you know has a physical disability or special need, there’s a good chance you can get parking close to your home—and we want to help!

With the cold weather looming over our shoulders, having to walk for an extended period of time after parking your car can be a nuisance, especially with a physical disability.

If this sounds like an issue you’re facing, your first step in resolving it is filling out this form. If you have any questions along the way, our blog on the RPPD program can probably answer most of them.  Our helpful staff can also field any questions at 215-683-9736 or 215-683-9746.

Now let’s get you parked—close to your home!