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#UnblockBikeLanes: Continuing the Conversation

bike lane data mapIn December 2013, the Philadelphia Parking Authority initiated #​UnblockBikeLanes — a Twitter hashtag campaign to accomplish the following:

  • Give citizens the opportunity to report b​locked bike lanes via T​witter.​
  • Compile relevant data highlighting the most problematic areas with blocked bike lanes in the city.
  • Engage active voices within the Philadelphia community, in particular, The Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia.​

Since its launch more than a year ago, there have been over 270 reports of blocked bike lanes via #UnblockBikeLanes. On a daily basis, citizens have responded to our campaign and reported blocked bike lanes.

We’d like to thank the public for providing us with invaluable data and feedback​ on this vitally important issue and continuing the conversation of bicycle safety in Philadelphia.

One question that been frequently asked is, “What’s being done with #UnblockBikeLanes?”​and today we aim to answer that question by sharing the data that we’ve been gathering since December 2013.

Here’s an interactive map​ which highlights bike lane ticket issuance and #UnblockBlockBikeLanes​ reports from December 18th, 2013 to December 18th, 2014. This information allows us to zero in​ on problem areas for proper enforcement. Check out the map, and feel free to reach out to us with any questions or comments.

With the release of this data, it’s our hope that local residents and visitors to our great city will continue utilizing #UnblockBikeLanes and let us know of any bike lane violations.

Again, thank you​ for utilizing #UnblockBikeLanes. We look forward to continuing the conversation ​and remember: if you see a blocked bike lane, tweet us a photo along with the location, time and day with the hashtag #UnblockBikeLanes. You may also call our hotline to report blocked bike lanes at 215-683-9627.