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#TBT: Another Visit to the Park and Lock Garage

MediaStreamThe Philadelphia Parking Authority is taking another trip down memory lane! For this week’s #TBT, we scrounged up another picture from the grand opening of our Park and Lock Garage, courtesy of the Philadelphia Department of Public Records.

In 1961, the PPA opened the Edison Park and Lock Garage. It was a thrilling event attended by many notable Philadelphians such as Councilman Paul D’Ortona, Parking Director, Mr. Thomas Coyle, and Miss Philadelphia, Loretta Ann Risse. It’s been 53 years and you can tell how times have changed. Take a glance at the parking rates and compare them to our current parking rates! Seventy-five cents for two hour parking sounds cheap, doesn’t it?  But, keep in mind, that could have bought two gallons of gas or two dozen eggs in 1961!  

So maybe parking rates have changed since 1961, but we still strive to provide affordable and convenient parking throughout the city. Our dedication will continue as we explore new and innovative ways of improving traffic flow throughout Philadelphia.

If you have any questions regarding our parking facilities, reach out to us on Twitter or Facebook. We’d be glad to help!

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