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Notice to All Industry Members

The Taxicab & Limousine Division (TLD) has recently discovered that broadcast email messages to industry members are not always being transferred to and received by all Yahoo email accounts. In an effort to control spam from reaching its users email accounts, Yahoo has a policy that does not allow the delivery of an email message that is sent from one email address to more than a certain number of Yahoo email accounts at one time.

Pursuant to TLD Regulations, all certificate holders, brokers and those regulated parties that have voluntarily registered an email address per Section 1001.51(c) are required to have a valid working email account to accept service by the TLD. Therefore, you are advised to use email accounts that are capable of receiving mass broadcast email messages from the TLD. You are responsible for assuring that your email account is capable of performing in the commercial manner necessary to be a regulated party as Yahoo may not be the only email service provider preventing mass broadcast messages from being delivered.

Therefore, for those regulated parties that currently have a Yahoo account registered with the TLD, you now have 15 days to register a new email account. This must be done by filing a Change of Information Form which can be found on this website under “Forms & Lists”. For those that use other email service providers, please check the terms and conditions of the provider’s email service and look out for changes in the future. Failure to have a valid working email address registered with the TLD may result in the issuance of a penalty.