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Notice to Taxicab Drivers – Display of Driver Certificates (DRC)

Display of Driver Certificates (DRC) by Taxicab Drivers


As you are aware, safety shields are no longer mandatory when a medallion taxicab is equipped with an approved and functioning safety camera system.  Many medallion owners have decided that using an approved safety camera is the best option for many reasons.  Currently, there are more than 400 taxicabs equipped with approved safety camera systems.  Unfortunately, however, there is now a continuing problem of drivers failing to display their driver certificates (DRC) as required by law. The number of drivers who are not displaying their DRCs has skyrocketed and must end.  The DRC must be displayed to passengers to enhance the safety of both the drivers and their customers.  One solution is simply securing the DRC on the front dashboard.

But a more secure method is to install a purpose-built DRC holder pictured below.  The following DRC holders are available for purchase at several local shops including 7th and Packer, and online at

For more information contact the Taxicab and Limousine Division’s Inspections Office at 215-683-9447.  Don’t delay, take action today and help make our industry safer.  Failure to display a DRC will result in the issuance of a penalty.


At this time of the year many families are busy preparing for Proms and Graduations. A key part of your preparations may be making transportation arrangements.  In that regard, the Philadelphia Parking Authority (Authority) wants to help safeguard your loved ones from illegal and unsafe limousine operators.

Limousine carriers operating between points within Philadelphia are regulated by the Authority’s Taxicab and Limousine Division (“TLD”). Trips between points in the City and points within the Commonwealth may also be regulated by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission.

If the deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is.   Do not trust your loved ones and their once in a lifetime moments to unregulated, under insured and unsafe carriers.  Properly licensed carriers use first-class vehicles that have undergone rigorous inspections.  These licensed companies use only certified drivers who have undergone a detailed vetting process.

Interested parents can check a carrier’s status by contacting the TLD’s Enforcement Department or by calling 215-683-9440.