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Behind the Scenes: PHL Airport Parking

photo 3.JPGWhen I was a child, I always enjoyed field trips. They got me out of school and if I was lucky enough, I learned a thing or two. When I learned that the Philadelphia Parking Authority (PPA) operates the parking facilities at the Philadelphia International Airport (PHL), I decided to take a field trip, only this time I didn’t need my mom to sign a permission slip.

I met with Frank Ragozzino, Director of Airport Operations, for a run-down on airport parking. “We have three types of parking. Short-term, garage and economy parking. They all have different rates depending on the needs of various types of travelers. We also have quite a bit of complimentary services that many people don’t know about,” said Ragozzino.

After hearing him list the services, I wanted to take a closer look, so Ragozzino arranged a tour with Jeannine Morgan, Shift Manager and eight-year veteran of the PPA.

As the tour began, we noticed vehicles parked on the shoulder of the road.  Jeannie explained that these vehicles should be utilizing the Cell Phone Waiting Lot. “The reasoning behind prompting customers to move from the side of the road is because it’s a major safety hazard. With the cell-phone waiting lot, customers can wait there free of charge until they’re ready to make their pick up.”

 If you’re looking to actually park – and not just pick someone up – there are lots of options. By “lots” I mean more than 18,000 options! Check them out:

Option 1:  Short-Term ground level lots. For security reasons, curbside parking is prohibited at the airport.  Short-Term (ground level) parking is great for picking up or dropping off travelers.

Option 2: Parking garages. Our four parking garages offer over 11,000 parking spaces that are convenient and close to the terminals.

Option 3: Disabled parking spots. In the Short-Term (ground level) lots, disabled parking spots are conveniently located closest to the terminals. In the upper-level garages, they are located next to every elevator.

Option 4: The Economy lot. Our Economy lot offers an $11 flat-rate for 24 hour parking. If I was going away on vacation, I’d park here, especially considering my car would be safely guarded day and night.   PHL provides a complimentary shuttle service that runs 24 hours day, seven days a week

Now you know where to park at PHL, but how do you pay? After getting back from an extended trip, the last thing you want to hear is “cash only.” That’s why we offer the Credit Card In & Out and Self-Service Lanes.

 This is arguably the most convenient and eco-friendly feature of our airport parking. Aside from being a form of payment, credit cards also become virtual tickets. In fact, since the PPA started using the current credit card payment system, we’ve been printing 30,000 less tickets per month!   If you want to assert your tech savviness even more, Google Wallet can also be used for payment.