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Medallion Sales Cancelled

To All Interested Parties:

The Philadelphia Parking Authority’s Board Order No. 17-003 (“Authority Order”), notice published in the Pennsylvania Bulletin at 47 Pa.B. 2301 (April 15, 2017), directed the Taxicab and Limousine Division (“TLD”) to administer the sales of 61 Philadelphia taxicab medallions, each of which are designated as wheelchair accessible vehicle (“WAV”) taxicab medallions.  That notice included the date, time and location of the bid openings for each of those WAV medallions.  To date, the Authority has sold 32 of those WAV medallions.  The remaining WAV medallions were listed to be sold as follows:

Scheduled Sale Dates & Medallions Nos.:

July 12, 2017: WP-1662, WP-1663, WP-1664, WP-1665, WP-1666, WP-1667, WP-1668, WP-1669, WP-1670 & WP-1671

July 19, 2017: WP-1673, WP-1674, WP-1675, WP-1676, WP-1677, WP-1678, WP-1679, WP-1680 & WP-1681

July 27, 2017: WP-1682, WP-1683, WP-1684, WP-1685, WP-1686, WP-1687, WP-1688, WP-1689, WP-1690 & WP-1691

However, pursuant to the Authority Order under Paragraph No. 10, the TLD Director exercised her discretion to remove the remaining aforementioned 29 WAV medallions from being sold as scheduled due to lack of participation.  The TLD Director will place the aforementioned WAV medallions before the Authority Board for a new sale authorization, pursuant to such terms and conditions as the Authority may then impose.

Christine A. Kirlin, Esq.
Taxicab and Limousine Division