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Taxicab Safety Camera Installation Extension

Notice To All Interested Parties:

Please see the attached order below issued by the Philadelphia Parking Authority Board at its regular meeting on June 25, 2015 at Order No. 15-0005 concerning an extension of taxicab safety camera installations. This extension is granted in anticipation of the implementation of the Authority’s Proposed Rulemaking Order 126-12 to amend the safety camera regulation to eliminate all wireless transmission requirements. In recognition of the need to move forward with this important safety initiative, and in order to accommodate adjustments in the industry associated with the change of regulation 126-12, the Authority ordered that the Installation Deadline be extended to October 15, 2015.

As previously advised, upon request of a taxicab owner, the TLD may schedule safety camera inspections to confirm that a system acquired by the owner is in compliance with the regulations. All owners are urged to use the additional time provided by this order to contact approved vendors to secure compliant safety camera systems in anticipation of the finalized inspection schedule. The list of approved taxicab safety camera vendors is attached to this notice and posted on the Authority’s Taxicab and Limousine Division webpage

Questions concerning taxicab safety camera systems may be directed to Lance Lepchuk at (215) 683-9656 or

Board Order 15-0005 Safety Camera Installation Schedule 6.25.15

James R. Ney, Director
Taxicab & Limousine Division
Philadelphia Parking Authority
2415 S. Swanson Street
Philadelphia, PA 19148
T 215-683-9417
F 215-683-9437