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Taxicab Safety Cameras

Notice to the Industry Regarding Taxicab Safety Cameras:

52 Pa Code 1017.71 requires the installation of an Authority approved taxicab safety camera system in all taxicabs by February 23, 2015. The list of approved safety camera vendors has also been posted on the Authority’s web site and may be viewed at:

The date for compliance is fast approaching; you are urged to contact these vendors now in order to select the camera system that best meets your needs and avoid any extra expenditures for expedited services. To facilitate compliance, a schedule for mandatory Safety Camera testing and sealing (1017.72) is also attached below. Please note that during the inspection process PPA-TLD enforcement officers will be affixing the required public notice markings to the interior and exterior of each taxicab.

The Safety Camera Regulation may be viewed at:

Safety Camera Inspection Schedule

Questions concerning safety camera systems may be directed to Lance Lepchuk at Questions concerning the safety camera compliance inspection may be directed to Stephanie DeJesse at
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