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Submitting a Parking Enforcement Request

Our Parking Enforcement Officers (PEO’s) run a tight ship while walking their beats. They’re focused on keeping traffic moving throughout Philadelphia, and keeping the streets safe from vehicle-related hazards. They keep their eyes and ears open to where their service is needed.

But sometimes public input helps guarantee areas are being properly enforced. Have you ever come across a car parked on a sidewalk? How about a car illegally parked in a handicapped zone? Or, for anyone who’s been to South Philadelphia, maybe you’ve been parked in by someone who doubled-parked?

Fear no more because the Philadelphia Parking Authority (PPA) has multiple ways for citizens to submit enforcement requests. Let’s take a look:

Before submitting an enforcement request, please take note of the exact location as well as the make and model of the vehicle. A photo would also help if you’re submitting your request via social media.

PLEASE NOTE: Generally speaking, our officers only patrol locations with meters or residential parking permit regulations. If our officers are in the vicinity, they will issue a violation accordingly. However, our officers may not be patrolling every part of the city on a given day. It may be best to contact your local police district if you require more immediate enforcement at some locations.

Submitting a request via  X (formerly Twitter) or Facebook:

  • If you come across a vehicle that should be ticketed or is disrupting traffic flow, take a picture with your phone.

  • After taking the picture, Tweet the picture to @PhilaParking or message us on Facebook.

  • Provide the location and as many details as possible in your Tweet/Facebook message. The city is big! The more information you provide us, the quicker we can address the request.

  • After we receive the photo, we will forward the request to the necessary department.

  • We will let you know that we’ve received the request and have sent it to our enforcement team.

Note: Our social media channels are not monitored 24/7. For an immediate enforcement request in areas we patrol, please follow the steps below.

Submitting a request by phone:

  • If you come across a vehicle that should be ticketed, take note of the make, model, and location of the vehicle.

  • With the information you’ve collected, call our radio room at (215) 683-9773. Our radio room is open 24 hours a day/seven days a week.

  • Provide our enforcement team with the necessary information.

We encourage all citizens to reach out to us if they have an enforcement request. The PPA’s main priority to is improve Philadelphia’s traffic flow while eliminating dangers to public safety. If you have any questions on submitting enforcement requests, feel free to reach out to us on  X (formerly Twitter) or Facebook. We’re listening!