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#TBT: 1961’s Park and Lock Garage

MediaStreamFor this week’s #TBT, we dug up a vintage picture from Philadelphia’s Department of Public Records. Since 1950, the Philadelphia Parking Authority has provided Philadelphians and tourists with convenient parking locations throughout the city. We are committed to continue providing that service as we move forward. New parking garages may be erected in the future, but we never shy away from a trip down memory lane.          

In 1961, the relatively new Philadelphia Parking Authority opened it’s “Park and Lock Garage” at 11th and Market Streets.  The dedication ceremony was attended by many notable figures in Philadelphia such as Councilman Paul D’Ortona, Parking Director, Mr. Thomas Coyle, Miss Philadelphia, Loretta Ann Rissell and other city officials. It’s been 53 years since the dedication ceremony and it’s safe to say many things have changed.  Though our “Park and Lock Garage” no longer exists, our modern parking garages allow Philadelphian’s and tourists to park worry-free while absorbing Philadelphia’s vibrant culture.  Check back with us in 53 more years.  Maybe #TBT will highlight our Independence AutoPark!

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