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All is Not Lost: How to Contact Our Lost and Found

It’s just after 6:30 p.m. and it’s been a long day. The muggy Monday morning and dreary afternoon has given way to a full-blown torrential down pour. All you want is to get home, get dry and relax. You flag down the first cab you spot and climb in. Once you give the driver your address, you lean back to relax. Only now, all you can think about is what you still have to do before the day is done. After twenty minutes of stop-and-go rush hour traffic you’ve arrived. You hand the driver a $20 bill, grab your groceries and run into your building. Hours later it hits you. You left your wallet in the back seat of the cab. Everyone has those days.

If you find you’ve lost something in a cab and aren’t sure what to do next, start by checking with us!

You can reach us by:

1. Tweeting at us using @PhilaParking

2. Writing a post on our Facebook page

3. Calling us at 215-683-9494

4. Emailing us at

Be sure to provide us with as much information as possible. The name of the cab company, the cab’s number (it will start with a P!), date, time, destination and details about your lost item(s) are all very important (even if you can only provide some of this information, you should still contact us). Once we receive your information we will pass it along to our Taxi and Limousine Division who are in charge of our taxi lost and found.

By taking advantage of our comprehensive lost and found, there’s a good chance your item can be returned to you. Please don’t assume all is lost until you’ve checked with us! We’ll be sure to do anything we can to help.