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Title Executive Board Advisory Opinion – 13-0001


In accordance with ofthe act ofJuly 16,2004, (P.L. 758, No. 94), as amended, 53 Pa.C.S. §§5701 et seq., (the “act”),) the Authority, on January 28,2013, formally commenced the process to promulgate regulations to provide more specific procedures related to the impoundment of vehicles, equipment and medallions by the Authority pursuant to the act under Authority Docket No. 126-3.


Pending the final adoption of the proposed rulemaking or further modification by this Board, it will be the policy of the Authority to adhere to the scope, practice and procedures provided in Annex A ofthe Proposed Rule Making Order dated January 28,2013 under Docket No. 126-3 when exercising any impoundment authorization under the act.