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Signs: Who Handles What?

SignsAs you park your car in the streets of Philly, and before you feed the meter , what are you likely to see? You guessed it—signs.

With a multitude of signs scattered throughout our city blocks, it’s important to remember one thing: Make sure you read them before parking so you can avoid getting a ticket!

Aside from helping manage the traffic flow on city streets, signs also serve as a guide for on-street parking options. But here’s the thing: The Philadelphia Parking Authority manages some of these signs, while others are managed by the Philadelphia Streets Department. Check out the list below for an outline of who handles what.

PPA handles:

  • Time Limit Parking
  • Disabled Person Reserved Parking Spaces
  • Passenger Loading Zones
  • Truck Zones
  • Valet Zones
  • Residential Permit Parking
  • Electric Vehicle Only
  • Philly Carshare

If you have a question, or spot a damaged sign managed by the PPA, reach out to us on Twitter or Facebook.  

Philadelphia Streets Department handles:

  • Street cleaning
  • Authorized zones
  • Bus zones
  • No parking in this street
  • No truck parking in this street
  • School Zones

If you have questions about the signs that are managed by the Streets Department, you can get in touch with Philly 311.

A Word to the Wise:

PPA SignThe green lettering on signs highlight the hours and days that parking is permitted at a particular location.

The red lettering on signs indicates when parking is restricted or just flat out not allowed.