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PPA Map Primer

MapWhenever you’re not sure of where you’re going and need guidance, what’s the first thing you do? We know: whip out Google Maps, right? Yep, thought so.

Let’s face it: Tangible maps are a thing of the past. With a variety of mapping tools available online nowadays, not only can we get directions, we can also create our own maps — and that’s exactly what we’ve been doing.

For the past few months, we’ve created multiple maps to better visualize important information instead of just looking at a cluttered list. Check out the maps below!


Scooter PicMap #1: Motorcycle & Scooter Parking Locations

Who doesn’t like taking their two-wheeler out for a spin? Better yet, your two-wheeler may be your primary mode of transportation. Here’s the good news — you don’t have to search aimlessly to find a parking spot for your scooter or motorcycle. As of right now, Philly has 47 parking corrals for scooters and motorcycles — and the locations are highlighted in this interactive map. By the way, for only $5 you can park in any corral all day long, or you can purchase a virtual permit!

Psst — make sure you also understand the do’s and don’ts of parking your two-wheeler in Philly.


Red-light cameraMap #2: Red Light Camera Locations

Pump those breaks: Going through a red light puts you and pedestrians in harm’s way. In fact — not only can it put a dent in your car, but also your wallet with a $100 fine!

Here’s the thing: Police officers can issue violations in person, but if you go through a red light at one of 26 intersections highlighted in this map, a violation can be issued through our Red Light Camera Program.

For more information on Red Light Camera violations, give this blog post a looksie.


RPP MapMap #3: Residential Parking Permit Districts & Blocks

We can’t take credit for this one, but we give credit where credit is due. For the past year or so,  Lauren Ancona, Data Scientist from the City of Philadelphia’s Office of Information and Technology, has been developing an elaborate residential parking permit map. After meticulously outlining boundaries of residential parking districts, Ancona then added the active permit blocks by using data we released for Code for Philly’s Hackathon. The map isn’t entirely complete yet. In fact — Ancona comically makes note of it in the map with a disclaimer reading “ Warning: This Jawn is in Alpha.” Either way, the map is slick and easy to navigate, so fool around with it and see for yourself!

Have an idea for map you’d like to see? Let’s hear your suggestion on Twitter or Facebook and maybe we’ll throw it into our map arsenal!