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Residential Parking Districts: There’s a Map for That

RPP MapWhenever you need guidance or directions, what do you do? Maybe whip out your phone and plug directions into Google Maps? Or maybe you pull over at a rest stop for an old-fashioned, printed road map? Either way, you’re consulting a map.

Nowadays, there’s a map for everything. Visitors have them for must-see attractions in Philly and news anchors use them to highlight political landscapes.

But if you’re a Philly resident, what if you wanted to find your residential parking permit (RPP) district? Guess what? There’s a map for that.

A few months ago, Lauren Ancona, Data Scientist from the City of Philadelphia’s Office of Information and Technology, developed a slick and easy-to-navigate map highlighting the RPP districts in the city.

The map is pretty cut and dry: just click on one of the colored layers and it will indicate which RPP district you’re in. But if you need more information on RPPs, check out our permit primer. We can also field any questions you may have through Twitter and Facebook!

Note: This map shows perimeters of the RPP districts. Individual streets inside may not be a part of RPP zones and are all subject to change. With that said, the Philadelphia Parking Authority cannot guarantee the accuracies of this map. Furthermore, should you have any questions regarding residential parking,  please click here or call 215-683-9730.