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Easing the Confusion: Scooter/Motorcycle FAQ’s

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Updated on: 3-20-2015

Whether you’re a Yamaha guy or a Harley gal, you might have wondered about the parking regulations for scooters and motorcycles in the city since we regularly receive questions about parking rules and regulations related to scooters and motorcycles through our Facebook and Twitter pages. To clear up any confusion you may have, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions for all you scooter and motorcycle riders.

If your question isn’t answered below, feel free to reach out to us on Twitter or Facebook. We want to keep up the conversation! Don’t forget, if you come across a car illegally parked in scooter/motorcycle zones, report them by calling our Enforcement Department at 215-683-9775.

Question:  I have a valid Residential Parking Permit (RPP) for my scooter/motorcycle, but I still received a ticket for parking on the sidewalk in front of my residence- what do I do?

Answer:  Please contact Shannon Ruiz at the PPA at 215-683-9728 or and have your ticket or license plate number handy.

Question:  I purchased a Virtual Scooter/Motorcycle Permit and received a ticket while parked in a designated Scooter/Motorcycle zone. Do I have to go to a hearing to get it cancelled?

Answer:  No, this can be handled through the PPA, you do not need to go to the Bureau of Administrative Adjudication. Please contact Shannon Ruiz at the PPA at 215-683-9728 or and have your ticket number or license plate handy.

Question:  I want to park my scooter or motorcycle at the corrals on the 1700 block of JFK Boulevard, but there is no kiosk. How do I pay to park?

Answer:  Since the 1700 block of JFK Boulevard is reserved for municipal parking, there are no kiosks. If you don’t have a virtual permit for your scooter or motorcycle, you may purchase time at kiosks located on the 1600 block of JFK Boulevard before parking on the 1700 block.

Question:  In your press release of July 2, 2014, you refer to “corrals.” Are these the same things as the designated “Scooter/Motorcycle Only” zones that currently exist.

Answer:  Yes, there are 47 existing “corrals” throughout Center City and University City that are designated for scooter and motorcycle parking only.

Question:  How much is a Residential Permit for a scooter or motorcycle?

Answer:  The pricing schedule for an RPP sticker is $35 for the first vehicle in your household, $50 for the second, $75 for the third and $100 for the fourth.  Currently, the price of a permit for a scooter or motorcycle would fall within these numbers, so if you have one car and a scooter, and would like RPP stickers for each, you would have to pay $85. Legislation passed in City Council and is in effect starting September 5, 2014 that takes the scooter/motorcycle out of this pricing structure to keep it at a flat fee of $35, no matter the number of other vehicles in the household.

Question: Corrals accommodate “dense” parking. What does that mean?

Answer: If lines are painted within a corral, that means multiple vehicles can park within those lines.